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CEOS Club Meeting Dates and Contacts

Busy Bees
Club meets 2nd Thursday, 7:00 pm
Contact: Mary Fitzgerald, 304-788-2015

Cabin Run
Club meets 3rd Monday, 11:00 am
Contact: Grace Staggs,304-788-2709

Country Lanes
Club meets 1sy Monday, 11:30 am
Contact: Maralyn Campbell, 304-289-33646

Fort Ashby
Club meets 3rd Thursday, Fort Ashby Methodist Church
Contact: Donna Reall, 304-726-4394

Club meets 1st Tuesday, 7:00 pm, Keyser
Contact: Darlene Richards 304-298-4645

Morning Breakers
Club meets 2nd Thursday, 9:30 am, Wiley Ford
Contact: Sue Herbaugh 304-738-9383

New Creek
Club meets 2nd Wednesday, 11:30 am or 12 noon
Contact: Shirley Bland, 304-788-6747

Old Furnace
Club meets 4th Monday, 12 noon
Contact: Jean Bradshaw 304-738-8925

Reeses Mill
Club meets 2nd Tuesday, 6:00 pm
Contact: Chearyl Rogers 304-788-3254

Team Diversity
Club Meets 2nd Monday, 5:30pm, Mineral County Health Department
Contact: Betsy Root, 304-788-2518

Working Women
Club Meets 4th Wednesday, Trinity United Methodist Church, Ft. Ashby
Contact: Patty Leasure 304-788-1258

MISSION: The mission of the WVCEOS is to strengthen individuals and families through:

*continuing education *leadership development *community involvement *for the betterment of all.